These works are the result of a unique process I have developed that is similar to collage, but the concept is much different. Instead of using the typical found elements, the source material consists of my own prior art that is deconstructed, edited, reconfigured and finally reassembled as a new work. Fearless Creativity had to be involved in all aspects of this project from concept to materials to presentation. After furious experimentation, I found my favorite process, techniques and materials to produce these paintings. The first step is to digitally slice an original work into pieces. Then, staying within the digital domain, there comes a meticulous procedure of editing and manipulating each smaller piece. Those pieces are then laser printed on lokta fine art paper. This very pleasing textured paper is made from Himalayan lokta trees (Daphne papyracea) that grow in the mountains of Eastern Nepal. Bark from these high-altitude shrubs is dried, soaked, boiled, washed, beaten and dried again to produce this fabulous paper. Then I come face to face with a large, scary blank canvas with only a pot of glue and the stack of printed papers. Next the cutting, tearing, placing, looking and pasting continues until completion. The final step is to hang it on your wall!