Can you really turn a painting into a MUSIC VIDEO?  Yep…that’s what I’ve been doing lately. WHY? You’ve always heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well beyond that, it follows that a movie is worth a thousand pictures (and more)! Also, making music videos of my paintings is another way to use my “composer chops”, editing skills and production experience. Granted, most of these videos are very short, but I’m just getting warmed up for longer and more extensive works. This collection consists of seven videos, some accompanied by my painting that inspired it. 

Let’s Start with the Easy Stuff

My current videos involve much more complex digital manipulation, but these are my first experiments – the easy stuff.  The simplest way to get a painting moving is to scan across it (or in the case of this vertical painting, up and down it). Then I add my original music.

Here’s one moving side to side. It’s called “Scarvy”.

The next idea was to show selected detail views of a painting, “The Pod”.

Here is the original painting.

In this video I have strung together multiple paintings (all blue) and then synchronized them to my musical score.

With this video I began to add special effects while showing various details of the painting “Señor Garabato”.

I sometimes make collages or attach my own original digital collage elements to a painting. This video was made from some of the collage pieces that I made for the painting “Don’t Miss This!”

And here I am with the painting itself.

“Don’t Miss This”

Starting here I have begun to make some parts of the painting move while other sections remain stationary. This painting is called “BaZaarO”.

Coming soon I’ll be posting more of the many “Music Videos” that I have made. Each new video is a thrilling experiment, finding and developing new ideas and techniques. It’s all part of my AMAZING ART ADVENTURE!

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