After decades of making music, I started my foray into the ART world in 2010. Some things remain the same. For instance, art-making is inconsistent as an occupation (even worse than music). I still need a minivan, to haul around paintings instead of musical equipment. I continue to reap the rewards of a creative life: satisfaction, fulfillment and Creation Elation.   ……Read about Creation Elation HERE. Taking stock of my relatively short time as a artist, here are some of the ways my life has changed.

More Observant

I was never known for being observant. In fact, probably the opposite! But now I notice much more in the world around me. Shapes, patterns, colors or just about anything that could be inspiration for design. Nature produces a host of beautiful structures and forms. Human-made structures and objects add even more interest to my lifescape. My eyes and brain receive countless images every day (every minute) and I’ve learned to pay more attention. This is a good thing generally and specifically for creating ART.

 Dress Myself Better

It’s just a silly little thing, but….  It took learning color theory to understand what goes with what. NOT that I’ve suddenly become a fashionista, but I can match up the color of pants with a pocket T-shirt better than ever! After you see the rest of my pictures you’ll probably say, “How hard could it be to match a black T-shirt anyway?”

Studio Transformation

 I’ve always had a recording studio to produce music, but over the last eight years it has gradually been transformed into an ART studio. The lobby (pictured above) is filled with ART. All the other rooms are for hanging, creating or storing ART. Now with some walls and carpet removed and higher ceilings, it looks more like a cluttered workshop than a high-tech recording environment.


Back in the old days I went on the road to perform music, but after that there were only occasional trips and vacations. Now an important element of my ART practice is to visit museums and galleries to look and learn. Some are local, but my favorites are in New York, Chicago and Cleveland. 

Seeing the the best art from around the world (close up) reveals much more than art pictured in books or on a computer screen. The brushstrokes and nuanced surface details tell the story of how a painting is made. Scale is important, too. Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” seems very small in person while the Jackson Pollock painting below is HUGE!


New Tools

My Old tools of the trade were keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, microphones, speakers, cables, and electronic gizmos galore. There were software tools for music recording, editing, sampling, composition, notation, mixing, processing and MIDI sequencing. Now my New tools… I have acquired and must learn how to use paintbrushes, sprayers, markers, pencils, pens, palette knives, rollers, sponges, rags, spatulas and more! Not to mention the paints, inks, additives, papers, canvas, artboards and on and on and on. There is much to do and learn, moving ahead in my ART ADVENTURE.

Gizmos Galore to Painters’ Paraphernalia

I Can Get My Hands Dirty Now

I’ve always avoided getting my hands dirty. Do I work on cars? NOPE …too greasy. Do I use any tools? NOPE! …Not if I can help it. They are too dirty, too dangerous and I’m too lazy anyway. Do I pet wet, smelly dogs? NOPE! …I’ll wait until the critters are dry and clean. Do I wash my hands often? YEP! …Being a pianist, I prudently protected and preserved my delicate little digits. They were my source of income. Those close to me are still surprised that I’m an artist now and will eagerly engage with all that messy art goop. Hey, it’s fun!

A Deeper Understanding

Learning about visual ART has broadened my outlook on the arts in general and even in my field of expertise: MUSIC. I have attained insights through the wise advice of many artists, famous and local.  The relationship between art and music (and life) keeps coming into clearer focus. Thanks to my ART practice, I’ve developed a creative confidence that’s stronger than ever. Onward, upward to the next chapter in my Amazing ART ADVENTURE!

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